Banyeres del Penedès site, Spain

Located 72 km south of Barcelona, the Banyeres del Penedès manufacturing site employs 66 people and has a reaction volume of 58 m³ for scale-up and production of intermediates and APIs.

In addition, departments as required support manufacturing activities (E&M, Logistics, EHS, WWTP, QA, QC, IT). The main capabilities of the site are:

Location Banyeres del Penedès
High temperature reactions 2 SST Maximum temperature of product: 260ºC Reaction volume: 4 m³ each
Cryogenic reactions 1 Hastelloy Minimum temperature of product: -90ºC Reaction volume: 6 m³
Reactors 16 SST, 4 Glass line, 3 Hastelloy Multipurpose reactors Reaction volume: 0.25 m³ to 6 m³
Particle size reduction 3 Mills (Fitzmill) 3 Sieving machines Hammer/knives mills
1 ATEX Fitzmill with nitrogen inertization
Wide range of mesh and rotation speeds
Flow Chemistry reactor SST Maximum temperature of product: 300ºC & up to 10 bars Flow reactor: 100 m & 10 l coil pipe in a 100 l vessel
Centrifuges 2 SST, 1 Halar, 2 Hastelloy 4 centrifuges in clean area: designed under ISO 8 Diameter: 800 mm to 1250 mm
Nutsche Filter-Dryer 1 Hastelloy Filter-dryer in clean area: designed under ISO 8 Surface: 0.24 m², Volume: 0.12 m³
Vacuum Dryers 5 SST 1 rotary paddle dryer, 3 biconic dryers, 1 tray dryer; All in clean area: designed under ISO 8 Volume: 0.35 m³ to 2 m³
High potency APIs Down to OEL = 1μg/m³ 1 SST dispensing Isolator
1 SST sieving/milling isolator

1 Hastelloy nutsche filter-dryer in isolator
1 Isolator for reactor loading
Rigid isolator for sampling & dispensing
Rigid isolator equiped with a multihead sieve-mill
Nutsche enclosed in SST rigid isolator
Flexible isolator with airlock & negative pressure
Equiped with split butterfly valve & continuous liners for packaging
Exchangable cone & hammer mill & sieve heads
Surface cake 0.1 m²; volume 0.8m³
Equiped with Split butterfly valve for loading & continuous liner