China (EHP)

Esteve Huayi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd (EHP) is a joint venture between Esteve Química Group in Spain and Huadong Medicine Group in China.

The EHP manufacturing site in Shaoxing is located 178km southwest of Shanghai City.

The plant has all the units required to develop APIs, from grams at the early R&D stage to tons in the industrial area, including core units:

- R&D synthesis & analytical labs

- Pilot plant

- Synthesis units

- Hydrogenation unit

- Clean area unit

- Quality (control, assurance & regulatory affairs)

As well as all supporting units:

- Engineering unit & EHS

The plant started its manufacturing activity in July 2009, currently employs 295 people, and has a reaction volume of 344m³ with the following capabilities:

Location China
Hydrogenation reaction 1 Hastelloy Maximum design pressure: 15 bar Reaction volume: 2 m³
PSD reduction 1 air flow jet mill QYF-260 1 air flow jet mill QS-100 4 Quadro Co-mill U20 1 hammermill 1 sieving/delumping machine 1 sieving machine
Reactors 34 SST, 34 Glass line, 1 Hastelloy 9 reactors in clean area: designed under ISO 8 Reaction volume: 0.5 m³ to 10 m³
Centrifuges 11 SST 3 centrifuges in clean area: designed under ISO 8 Diameter: 450 mm to 1250 mm
Nutch Filter-Dryers 8 SST (Nutch Filter dryer) 4 filter-dryers in clean area: designed under ISO 8 Surface: 4 m³
Dryers 4 SST, 5Ti, 1 Hast Filter 3 rotary biconic dryers, 2 tray-dryers (all in Technical area)

2 rotary paddle dryers, 2 rotary biconic dryers (all in clean area – designed under ISO 8)

1 Hast Filter Dryer (Unit 2)
Volume: 1 m³ to 5 m³