Reliability, flexibility, long-term commitment, state-of-the-art scalable production capacity, and a full range of related services at the right price.

Esteve Química's historical portfolio of long lifecycle APIs stands out for the intensive supply chain management that applies to our 4 manufacturing plants located in 3 continents. From the selection of raw starting materials to the final API and/or FDF, we develop and control all steps to ensure that maximum reliability and high standards of quality are provided to our customers.

We offer access to generic finished dosage forms (FDF) developed with in-house high quality active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) by our network of reliable pharmaceutical manufacturers and partners. We also offer our APIs for your internal development of generics, complete with its related regulatory services -from early gram samples to large scale commercial manufacturing.

We are active in a variety of therapeutic fields, ranging from oncology to anti-diabetics and anti-platelets.



Our quick response to add or adapt compliance tools, added to our flexibility and a highly dedicated customer service, completes the full package that allows meeting our customers’ needs and building long-term relationships.

Technical support

Technical support

Timing, accuracy and expertise to reduce time to market.

The main goal is to provide timely responses regarding APIs and FDFs to our customers and the authorities.

Our experienced Regulatory Affairs teams include experts on API and FDF submissions to highly regulated markets, such as Europe, the US and Japan (more than 100 over the last 10 years).

Our Industrial Property (IP) team has a vast experience in the API generic market and provides accurate and smart support to our customers.