Mexico (Sintenovo)

The manufacturing site of Sintenovo S.A. de C.V. is located in the industrial area of Jiutepec, some 95 km south of Mexico City.

With a highly functional and compact design, the main workshop provides 140 m³ of reaction volumeto manufacture APIs and NCEs from their early scale-up stage (pilot plant) to the industrial scale, with an intermediate semi-industrial scale.

An actual workforce of 170 people at the Jiutepec manufacturing site provides the human resources required to support all manufacturing and operational activities. The main capabilities of the site are:

Location Mexico
Hydrogenation reaction 1 Hastelloy Maximum design pressure: 10 bar Reaction volume: 5m³
PSD reduction 2 sieve / mil, 2 Double cone blender, 2 Packaging equipment, 1 Conical sieve, 1 Mill / Micronizer, 1 Mill Manesty Fitzpatrick All the equipment in clean area: designed under ISO 8 Blender Volume: 3 m³ to 4 m³
Reactors 25 SST, 5 Glass line, 3 Hastelloy 9 reactors in clean area: designed under ISO 8 Reaction volume: 0.4 m³ to 8 m³
Reactors pilot plant 1 SST, 1 Glass line 2 reactors in clean area: designed under ISO 8 Reaction volume 0.11 m³ to 0.15m³
Centrifuges 8 SST, 3 Halar, 1 Hastelloy 5 centrifuges in clean area: designed under ISO 8 Diameter: 500 mm to 1300 mm
Dryers 6 SST, 1 Hastelloy 2 Bed dryer, 1 Tray-dryer, 3 Rotary paddle dryers (all in clean area - designed under ISO 8), 1 Rotary paddle dryer (in Technical area) Rotary paddle dryer volume: 0.5 m³ to 2.5 m³ Tray-dryer volume: 0.26 m³ Rotary paddle dryer volume: 2.5 m³