Supply chain management


Organizations know that they must rely on safe, effective, reliable, sustainable, cost- effective supply chains or networks. Over the years, we at Esteve Química have established a well-designed Global Supply Chain Management (GSCM) system that ranges from strategic planning of raw material procurement-by anticipating different regulations such as REACH and ensuring uninterrupted materials flow and storage— through work-in-process inventory to final API, in order to ensure short time-to-market and long-term support to our customers and enhance not only the lifecycle of the product but also the integrity of the whole supply chain.

Our sourcing and procurement strategy embraces Esteve Química's Conduct Code and ensures that our sources comply with the same principles. This concept of business relationships extends beyond traditional enterprise boundaries.

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In the Pharmaceutical Industry, the supply chain is of major importance to guarantee the quality of drug products, correct control of shipment and storage throughout the product lifecycle, and optimal market flow in an environment where all drug distribution channels are tightly regulated by Drug Agencies.

With more than 50 years of expertise supporting our API clients with a well-designed Global Supply Chain Management (GSCM) system, Esteve Química has gone one step forward and has extended control to FDF manufacturing and supply through a well- established and reliable network of alliances with strategic partners.

Vertical integration allows us to manage and assure all critical steps-from raw material procurement, flow and storage to API manufacturing and tightly controlled shipment to our Partner CMOs, and coordination and timings to ensure we meet our customer's needs at each level of the supply chain.

Shortest time-to-market and further optimal market flow is guaranteed by the supervision of our team and our distribution partners. The management of all operational challenges and inventories, and the transportation to our customer's warehouse with the same strict controls, guarantees reliability and supply chain integrity from the very first step to final delivery.